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[labor news] Allegation of union busting against Woongjin Group
▲ Unionized golf course maintenance workers of the Rexfield Country Club hold a rally to call on Woongjin Group for a halt to union busting. [provided by the Rexfield Country Club Labor Union]

A document was disclosed by Rep. Lee Yong-deuk of the ruling Democratic Party that Rexfield Country Club in Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province, an affiliate to Woongjin Group in Korea, had established a plan to list up 'radical core workers' in the process of forming a labor union and dismiss them for the purpose of union busting. The golf course workers who do the maintaining work of the greens and grounds of the golf club formed a labor union in 2012 to protect themselves from the outsourcing of the course maintenance work. The management explained that "The union busting plan specified in the document has never been translated into action." However, workers insisted that "It is a clear evidence of unfair labor practice, as union members had been constantly approached to withdraw from the labor union and the former union leadership at the time had been cajoled and disadvantaged from the personnel matters."

reported by Lee Eun-young
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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