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[labor news] Irregular workers still shed tears, 7 months after an era of zero irregular workers declared
▲ A meterman reads the electricity meter at a local market(Courtesy of the National Solidarity for Electricity Metermen)

Will "an era of zero irregular employment" be actualized? President Moon Jae-in declared "an era of zero irregular workers in the public sector" in May this year during his visit to the Incheon International Airport Corporation two days after his inauguration. For those workers who had no choice but to compromise with the low-paid irregular jobs amid the employment instability ever since the Asian financial crisis in 1997, President Moon's remark was a big step closer to their cherished dreams of regular employment. However, now, 7 months have passed and still the conversion of irregular workers to the permanent positions seems to be an unattainable mirage to the irregular workers in the public sector.

A debate was held on December 19 at a meeting room of the National Assembly to discuss 'the problems and tasks to address in the conversion process of irregular employment to regular jobs in the public sector' and a survey study on the conversion to regular jobs at 15 public institutions was released. It appears that even jobs related to life and safety which are in principle the jobs for direct employment were planned to be transferred to the subsidiaries which will be established to hire the irregular workers instead and in many cases excluded the eligible irregular workers from the permanent job conversion at discretion of each public institution. The debate was organized jointly by the Federation of Korean Trade Unions(FKTU), FKTU Research Center and Rep. Song Ok-joo of the ruling Democratic Party.

reported by Lee Eun-young
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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