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[labor news] Needs arise to strengthen political representation of workers and farmers

▲ Rep. Lee Yong-deok and Rep. Kim Hyun-kwon of the Democratic Party of Korea on December 28 jointly organize a forum on the "Political Reform Direction and Institutional Improvement Tasks for Workers and Farmers" at a conference room of the National Assembly.(Yon Yoon-jeong)

The political representation of 18 million wage workers and 3 million farmers in the National Assembly is inadequate when only a handful number of lawmakers are currently representing the voices of the vast demographic, the forum argued.

During past 30 years after the democratization in 1987, the required integrity and competency of lawmakers for a democratic society have not been properly discussed.

The unprecedented political scandal involved with President Park Geun-hye and her long time friend Choi Soon-sil and associates awakened the society for the need of political reform. The forum participants shared their views that it is high time to strengthen the representation for wage workers and farmers in the election system.

reported by Yon Yoon-jeong
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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