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[labor news] Workers of Allianz Life Insurance Korea intimidated with restructuring plan
Allianz Life Insurance Korea intimidates the workers that it will implement a restructuring program of massive layoffs i...
번역 김성진  |  2016-08-19 11:54
[labor news] Temporary education workers give testimonies on their vulnerable employment situation
The Korean Public Service and Transport Workers' Union(KPTU) and Euljiro Committee of the main opposition Minjoo Par...
번역 김성진  |  2016-08-18 11:54
[labor news] OB Beer unions go on sit-in strike
Two different unions of OB Beer(Oriental Brewery Company) at three plant locations(Icheon, Cheongju and Kwangju) decided...
번역 김성진  |  2016-08-16 11:54
[labor news] Seoul metropolitan government announces labor policy innovation measures
Seoul metropolitan government announced on August 11 that it has completed the 'Seoul Labor Policy Innovation Measur...
번역 김성진  |  2016-08-12 11:08
[labor news] Technology cut and run Hydis Technologies layoff unfair
Hydis Technologies is a Korean TFT-LCD panel maker which was purchased by a Taiwan-based E-ink(electronic ink). In Janua...
번역 김성진  |  2016-08-11 11:08
[labor news] Seoul mayor Park meets FKTU president Kim and KCTU president Han
Seoul mayor Park Won-soon met both of national trade union center chiefs, Kim Dong-man, president of the Federation of K...
번역 김성진  |  2016-08-11 11:08
[labor news] Agency workers at Kimpo Airport to go on strike
Gimpo International Airport cleaning service and cart maintenance agency workers on August 9 held a press conference to ...
번역 김성진  |  2016-08-10 11:08
[labor news] Union busting suspicion at Hyundai Heavy Industries raised by union
As subcontracting companies to the Hyundai Heavy Industries whose workers are organized by the Korean Metal Workers'...
번역 김성진  |  2016-08-10 11:08
[labor news] Seoul Mayor Park seeks cooperation from President Park over youth allowance
As the confrontation gets escalated between the central government and Seoul metropolitan government over the youth allo...
번역 김성진  |  2016-08-09 11:08
[labor news] Dump truck drivers' sit-in protest in a high tower crane
Two union officials of a dump truck drivers' union local have been staging a 40-meter high tower crane sit-in at a c...
번역 김성진  |  2016-08-08 11:08
[labor news] Drawn-out labor dispute at Kabul AutoTech spreads to all-out confrontation
The labor dispute at KB(Kabul) AutoTech triggered by the company's lockout on July 26 spreads to all-out confrontati...
번역 김성진  |  2016-08-08 09:31
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