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[labor news] Trade union rights for all in Korea, an international seminar urges
According to the 2017 ITUC Global Rights Index, Korea is classified as one ...
번역 김성진  |  2018-04-13 13:35
[labor news] Freelance workers in dire need of protection, survey unveils
The Seoul Metropolitan Government released its survey result on the working...
번역 김성진  |  2018-04-12 14:14
[labor news] Nation's power plants accused of poor job regularization and anti-labor union policy
The nation's five power generating plants of Korea South-East Power, Ko...
번역 김성진  |  2018-04-11 14:19
[labor news] COMWEL, not victims, to prove the industrial accidents
It is confirmed that the Ministry of Employment and Labor(MOEL) is currentl...
번역 김성진  |  2018-04-10 13:18
[labor news] Has direct employment by SK Broadband really improved workers' working conditions?
"The first company in the private sector" is an expression to introduce the...
번역 김성진  |  2018-04-09 13:15
[labor news] Administrative staff of Korean diplomatic missions abroad work in the blind spot of labor law protection
Early last month, Korean administrative staff who are not dispatched from K...
번역 김성진  |  2018-04-06 13:46
[labor news] Government deletes minimum wage base from the draft model of public sector standard wage system
Amid the rising criticism against the government accused of the downward st...
번역 김성진  |  2018-04-05 12:45
[labor news] The tripartite social dialogue body likely renamed as the Economic, Social and Labor Commission
The new tripartite social dialogue body takes shape and it is likely to be ...
번역 김성진  |  2018-04-04 15:02
[labor news] Part-time workers often unpaid for overtime work
Part-time workers shall be able to receive additional 50% of hourly ordinar...
번역 김성진  |  2018-04-03 12:47
[labor news] Estee Lauder and Chanel in Korea face labor dispute over long working hours and low wages
Unionized sales employees of ELCA Korea(an affiliate of Estee Lauder) and C...
번역 김성진  |  2018-04-02 13:29
[labor news] Employment and Labor Minister meets with new chairman of Korea Employers Federation
Employment and Labor Minister Kim Young-joo met with Sohn Kyung-shik, chairman of the Korea Employers Federation(KEF) at...
번역 김성진  |  2018-03-30 13:11
[labor news] 6 out of 10 senior citizens not eligible for national pension
As of the end of last year, 4,690,000 people were eligible for national pen...
번역 김성진  |  2018-03-29 12:58
[labor news] Court receivership for Suncore workout program
On March 21, Seoul Bankruptcy Court made a ruling on the case of ailing Sun...
번역 김성진  |  2018-03-28 13:08
[labor news] Stage two for public sector job regularization to launch around May
The Ministry of Employment and Labor(MOEL) is gearing up for the second sta...
번역 김성진  |  2018-03-27 12:43
[labor news] Tens of thousands of unionized workers gather at the spring rally
The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions(KCTU) organized a national workers...
번역 김성진  |  2018-03-26 13:06
[labor news] An average worker in Korea works 182 hours and earns 3.35 million won(US 3,100) a month
According to the 'Social Indicators in 2017' released by Statistics...
번역 김성진  |  2018-03-23 14:23
[labor news] Korail employees are allowed for political activities
On Feb. 22, the Constitutional Court decided that the legal provision of th...
번역 김성진  |  2018-03-22 12:57
[labor news] A comprehensive revision bill on the 28-year old Occupational Safety and Health Act criticized rough and ready
A comprehensive revision bill on the Occupational Safety and Health(OSH) Ac...
번역 김성진  |  2018-03-21 13:16
[labor news] Criminal charges on sexual violence against female migrants
In 2016, GongGam, a human rights law foundation, conducted 'a survey on...
번역 김성진  |  2018-03-20 16:49
[labor news] Minimum wage bill processing put off to April
The Environment and Labor Committee of the National Assembly put off the de...
번역 김성진  |  2018-03-19 13:13
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