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[labor news] Government strives to reach social consensus on major labor agendas including the ratification of fundamental ILO conventions

The government and the Economic, Social and Labor Council(ESLC) are striving to draw up a social consensus on the institutional improvement for the ratification of fundamental ILO conventions, an Act on the Prevention of Death from Overwork, and the extension of the employment safety net in a meeting of the ESLC's plenary committee slated for March 7. It is reported that President Moon Jae-in is likely to participate in the ESLC's plenary committee which will adopt the tripartite resolutions on major labor agendas including the flexible working hour system.

According to the ESLC on February 25, the second meeting of the ESLC's plenary committee is scheduled on March 7. The agenda-based committees will make reports on their respective agendas that they have deliberated and were subsequently passed by the steering committee to the plenary committee which will finally endorse them as the tripartite resolutions.

Up to now, only the ESLC's working hour system improvement committee has reached an agreement in relation to the extension of the unit period of the flexible working hour system. Nevertheless, there are some possibilities that other agenda-based committees are also likely to reach agreements before the opening of the plenary committee meeting.

The labor relations system and practice improvement committee which deals with the measures to secure the basic labor rights in relation to the ratification of fundamental ILO conventions enters into intensive negotiations this week through the meetings of the working party and ESLC's deputy plenary committee members representing workers, employers and the public. However, the business circle is reportedly burdened with the ratification of fundamental ILO conventions regarding the freedom of association and collective bargaining.

The occupational safety and health committee is anticipated to reach an agreement, even though there is a tug of war between the labor circle and the business circle to enact a provision regarding the death from overwork which is currently regulated on the notification of the Ministry of Employment and Labor. Since a tripartite agreement was made regarding the flexible working hour system, it is strongly supported that a legal provision to prevent the death from overwork is necessary. The committee meeting is scheduled to convene on February 26.

The social safety net improvement committee to introduce the unemployment aid and raise the upper limit of the employment insurance and extend the employment service infrastructure is experiencing hiccups at their final stage negotiation.

President Moon attended the first meeting of the ESLC's plenary committee in November last year, and it is also anticipated that President Moon will participate in the second meeting of the plenary committee to back up the importance of the social consensus.

reported by Kim Hak-tae
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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