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[labor news]  4·16 Foundation launched to create a society of safe daily life that children can build dreams
(photo by Yang Ou-ram/The Labor Today)

The auditorium of the members' office building of the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul was filled with the sound of quick drum beats being reminiscent of the birth of life. People gathered together in the hall got into the rhythm with clapping. When the drum beats reached a climax, the images of yellow ribbons which symbolize the tragic Sewol Ferry Disaster were raised on the screen of the stage. The names of 16,700 'remembrance members' who made donations for the establishment of 4·16 Foundation in order not to forget the victims including many young students of the sunken ferry were displayed on the screen as well. Even though the quick rhythm might seem to be rare and inappropriate in the event commemorating the victims of the Sewol Ferry Disaster, it shows the determination of people to get over the stricken grief for the past four years. Remembrance members committed themselves to create a safe world for children in future. As of today, the 4·16 Foundation has raised the fund of donations amounting to 1.8 billion won(US$1.69 million).

reported by Yang Ou-ram
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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