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[labor news] Government to introduce preliminary examination system before irregular job recruitment in public sector
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The government will be pursuing a preliminary examination system to stop the abusive recruitment of irregular workers in the public sector. The government will decide the operation plan of the preliminary examination system around the end of this month after gathering the opinions of all walks of life by the middle of this month. However, concerns are arising that the preliminary examination system itself may become ineffective, because it also allows a wide range of exceptions like the irregular job conversion deliberation committee.

The Labor Today on May 7 obtained 'the operation plan of the preliminary examination system for the recruitment of irregular workers in the public sector' drafted by the government. The operation plan was reported to the taskforce team's working group meeting for the irregular workers in the public sector which was formed by the Ministry of Employment and Labor(MOEL). The preliminary examination system will be run separately by each agency or corporation to recognize the recruitment of irregular workers only in unavoidable cases, checked with the regular examination and the on-demand examination. The recruitment department will submit the recruitment plan to the examination department in which personnel and human resource managers play key roles. The preliminary examination will look into the appropriateness of the recruitment of irregular workers, the number of recruits, the contract period and the budget. It aims to block the abusive use of irregular workers from the very first stage of the recruitment through the consultation with the departments related to the recruitment.

The target workers are fixed-term contract workers, agency workers and subcontractors. The preliminary examination system will be put in place from the second half of this year at the ministries of the central government, local governments, educational institutions, public agencies and local public corporations listed as the first group of the irregular job conversion. Local government invested and sponsored agencies listed as the second group will run the preliminary examination system after the irregular job conversion process completes.

reported by Yun Ja-eun
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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