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[labor news] Labor union demands reinvestigation of Samsung Electronics Service unfair labor practice
▲ Samsung Electronics Service chapter of the Korean Metal Workers Union(KMWU) holds a press briefing to demand a reinvestigation of an alleged unfair labor practice by Samsung Electronics Service in front of the Seoul Employment and Labor Office on March 14. (photo provided by KMWU)

A recorded file was disclosed that a prime contractor manager of Samsung Electronics Service cajoled a unionized worker of a subcontractor to withdraw the union membership. The recorded file contains a dialogue between a regional branch office manager of Samsung Electronics Service and a unionized worker of a local service center.

The circumstantiality that Samsung Electronics Service committed unfair labor practice against the labor union of subcontractor workers has been raised several times before, but it is the firs time that the recorded file was disclosed. The Korean Metal Workers Union insisted that the recorded file is not only the evidence of unfair labor practice but also the basis of illegal dispatch of workers carried out by Samsung Electronics Service.

reported by Yun Ja-eun
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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