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[labor news] Gwangju City develops a job model to attract investment
▲ The Gwangju City Labor-Employers-Citizens-City Government Council adopts a joint resolution to realize the Gwangju Job Model on March 7. (photo provided by Gwangju City)

The Gwangju Metropolitan City took action to attract investment into the Bitgrin National Industrial Complex located in the city, targeting the automobile industry based upon the Gwangju Job Model which has been developed to guarantee fair wages and promote a cooperative win-win relationship model between labor and management. The model stresses the role of arbitration in labor disputes played by the local labor-employers-citizens-city government council, along with the flexible manpower operation demanded by the business circle.

The joint resolution contains △ the realization of fair wages and introduction of advanced wage system, △ the stability of production and employment and the operation of flexible manpower operation, △ the construction of cooperative win-win industrial relations, and △ the prevention of labor disputes and arbitration.

The council will prepare a wage guideline for the workers of the industrial complex, taking into account the adequate rates of local average annual wages and average wages of production workers of the finished car companies in the region. At the same time, workers in the industrial complex will be provided with the residence, education and medical services.

The council also disclosed in the joint resolution that "Wage hike shall be linked to inflation rate and economic growth rate, and performance pay shall be related to objective standards like business performance and productivity increase rate. The wage items shall be streamlined by increasing the portion of basic pay, and a new wage system based on jobs, functions and performances will be pursued.

The council came up with a guideline on the manpower operation for the companies in the industrial complex. The guideline offers 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, 12 hours for extended work a week and the flexible working hour system in compliance with the Labor Standards Act.

reported by Kim Hak-tae
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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