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[labor news] Incheon Airport and its labor union agree to a deal, 3,000 for direct employment and 7,000 by two new subsidiaries
▲ Incheon Airport and labor union agrees to a new irregular job conversion model. (Courtesy of the Korean Public Service and Transport Workers Union)

The Incheon International Airport Corporation(IIAC) and IIAC Local Union of the Korean Public Service and Transport Workers Union(KPTU) on December 26 signed an agreement on the conversion measures of irregular workers to regular workers and released the conversion implementation plan. According to the agreement, IIAC plans to directly employ a total of 2,940 irregular workers such as 210 fire fighters, 30 wildlife control personnel, 1,900 security checks employees, and 800 security guards at the airport. A new occupation group will be formed for these directly employed workers, being distinct from the regular employees hired through the recruitment of open competition by IIAC.

For those irregular workers who are not included in the IIAC's direct employment plan, two separate corporate entities will be established; one for the airport operation and another for the airport facility and system management. The plan focused on the conversion recruitment rather than the open competition to fulfill the aim to convert irregular jobs to permanent positions.

Among irregular workers who will be directly employed by IIAC, those in the management or higher positions will go through the open competition, whereas field staff will be hired only through the interview and competency verification procedures. The signed agreement contains a clause guaranteeing the employment that those who failed the direct employment procedures will be hired by other newly established companies. The two companies which will be fully financed by IIAC will employ rest of about 7,000 irregular workers.

reported by Yun Ja-eun
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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