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[labor news] No more vinyl greenhouse lodging for migrant workers

From now on when employers are found to have arranged the housing for migrant workers in vinyl greenhouses, migrant workers will not be allocated to them. Next week, the government will announce the measures to improve the working environment for migrant workers in the rural livestock and farming workplaces. The concrete standards regarding the dormitory will be regulated and measures are being pursued for employers to comply with the prescribed regulations.

Rep. Lee Yong-deuk and Rep. Kim Hyun-kwon of the ruling Democratic Party and the Migrant Workers' Network for the Improvement of Residential Rights on December 13 jointly organized a symposium entitled 'Beyond the Vinyl Greenhouse' to guarantee the residential rights for migrant workers at a meeting room of the National Assembly.

Foreign Workforce Division Director Lee Jeong-han of the Ministry of Employment and Labor who attended the symposium as a panelist said that "it will be necessary to stop the allocation of migrant workers in case the lodging for migrant workers does not meet the regulated residential environment standards."

These measures will be unveiled next week in the foreign workforce policy coordination meeting headed by minister of the Office of Government Policy Coordination in participation of vice-ministers of the related government ministries.

The improvement measures would suggest the minimum standards with a scoring system to each item of a check list on the lodging for migrant workers, instancing separate rooms for male and female workers, heating, bath and shower rooms, locks, fire detectors and fire extinguishers.

When the check list score at a workplace does not reach the required minimum standards, the supply of foreign workforce will be suspended and migrant workers will be allowed to move to another workplace. In particular, the Ministry of Employment and Labor plans to exclude the workplaces which provide migrant workers with lodging in the vinyl greenhouses from the allocation of new foreign workforce.

reported by Kim Hak-tae
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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