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[labor news] LG Uplus intervention in strike action of subcontracted irregular workers proves direct employment relations: union

The Hope Solidarity Union LG Uplus Irregular Workers Union Local on July 13 disclosed the letter of intent that subcontracted customer service centers sent to LG Uplus, agreeing to transfer the tasks such as installation and after service to other service centers, citing the center's internal reasons, and not to lodge any complaints in relation to the change.

The union insisted that when some 500 precarious workers of customer service centers subcontracted out by the LG Uplus went on a strike on July 7, calling on LG Uplus to employ them directly, LG Uplus forcibly switched the tasks which had been assigned to the customer service centers on walkout to non-union members of other customer service centers nearby in the region.

The union also argued that the intervention taken by LG Uplus replacing the striking irregular workers of the service centers acknowledged the fact that LG Uplus is indeed the employer of irregular workers of subcontracted customer service centers.

reported by Choi Na-young
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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