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[labor news] Supreme Court sends shock wave to Samsung Groups' no union management strategy

▲ The Justice Party, a minor opposition party in Korea, organizes a debriefing discussion on January 5 in a meeting room of the National Assembly after the Supreme Court made a verdict in favor of a union officer who was allegedly dismissed 5 years ago due to his role in forming an independent Samsung union local affiliated to the Korean Metal Workers' Union.(Yon Yoon-jeong)

Recently the Supreme Court recognized that Cho Jang-hee, an employee at the Samsung Everland, the largest theme park in Korea, was dismissed due to his leading role in forming an independent trade union which is against the Samsung Group's 'no union' management strategy.

Shim Sang-jung, chairwoman of the Justice Party and other participants called on the Samsung Group to shift their management paradigm towards the law-abiding management by guaranteeing basic labor rights and the reinstatement of the dismissed union officer, Cho Jang-hee without delay.

reported by Yon Yoon-jeong
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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