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[labor news] Name list unveiled in relation to unpaid wages

The Ministry of Employment and Labor(MOEL) on January 4 unveiled 239 names of company owners who habitually do not pay the wages on time. The MOEL has also taken the credit sanction against 383 employers who owe wages to the workers. The name list of 239 employers with personal information and amount of overdue wages in the past 3 years can be found on the official gazette, MOEL website(moel.go.kr) and bulletin boards of MOEL regional offices.

The MOEL introduced the name unveiling system in 2012 to curb the high and habitual overdue wages and 1,172 names of employers have been made public. The MOEL plans to diversify the means to get the name list more easily noticed and accessed by the public in use of the electronic display boards and bulletin boards of the local governments and MOEL's employment service centers and in connection with private job portal services.

The average amount of overdue wages owed by an employer in the past three years reached 75.84 million won(US$63,560), and those who exceeded 100 million won(US$83,800) of unpaid wages were 37 employers. The highest concentration industries in unpaid wages were the manufacturing(86 employers) and construction(49 employers).

According to the size of companies, small-sized companies such as the companies employing five to 29(111 employers) and companies employing less than 5 (107 employers) were found to be dominant, whereas only one company employing more than 300 was included in the list.

The MOEL also provided the Korea Credit Information Services with 383 employers identified as the persons for credit sanction who will be restricted from getting loans from the financial institutions for 7 years up until January 2024.

reported by Kim Bong-seok
translated by Kim Sung-jin

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