• UPDATE : 2017.8.18 금 13:40
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[labor news] Moon unveils stern punishment against unfair labor practice blocking formation of trade unions 번역 김성진 2017-08-18 13:40
[labor news] KRA and labor reach an agreement toward direct employment of horse groomers 번역 김성진 2017-08-17 15:32
[labor news] Korean workers work the second longest among OECD member economies 번역 김성진 2017-08-17 15:18
[labor news] Attention is growing on next chairman of national social dialogue body 번역 김성진 2017-08-16 14:19
[labor news] Trade unions and liberal civic organizations call for the halt of Korea-U.S. joint military exercises and U.S.-led anti-missile defense system deployment 번역 김성진 2017-08-16 14:19
[labor news] Rep. Kim Young-joo confirmed as labor and employment  minister 번역 김성진 2017-08-14 16:45
[labor news] 'Statue of Forced Laborer' is erected at Yongsan Station in Seoul 번역 김성진 2017-08-14 16:45
[labor news] Competitive bidding for operation license for Section 2 and 3 of Seoul Subway Line 9, private firm wins again? 번역 김성진 2017-08-11 15:08
[labor news] Fact-finding committee should be formed to address postal workers' overwork deaths, trade union and civil societies urge 번역 김성진 2017-08-11 10:46
[labor news] Transport Minister Kim Hyun-mi seeks 'zero railway safety accident' in support of labor and management 번역 김성진 2017-08-11 10:41
[labor news] FKTU and KCTU join hands to strengthen basic labor rights 번역 김성진 2017-08-09 15:27
[labor news] Nepalese migrant worker commits suicide 번역 김성진 2017-08-09 11:42
[labor news] Trade union of Hyundai Motors sets partial strikes on August 10 and 14 번역 김성진 2017-08-08 17:18
[labor news] Workers of Samsung S-1 form trade union 번역 김성진 2017-08-07 16:40
[labor news] Airport ground workers in sweat and tears 번역 김성진 2017-08-07 12:44
[labor news] Debates on new energy policy heats up 번역 김성진 2017-08-04 10:43
[labor news] Outsourced workers of Mando-Hella Electronics demand direct negotiation 번역 김성진 2017-08-04 10:43
[labor news] Seoul city municipal hospitals are under unionization process 번역 김성진 2017-08-03 12:40
[labor news] Another horse groomer commits suicide in protest 번역 김성진 2017-08-03 11:43
[labor news] Parliament moves to fend off sleepy driving of line bus drivers due to long working hours 번역 김성진 2017-08-02 11:19
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