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[labor news] GM Korea labor union demands management due diligence and debt for equity swap
The labor and political circles demanded the reduction of senior managers o...
번역 김성진  |  2018-02-21 11:51
[labor news] Irregular workers decrease and working conditions improve, analysis reports
Last year, the working conditions of irregular workers showed a slight improvement, as the number of irregular workers d...
번역 김성진  |  2018-02-20 13:13
[labor news] Corporate spin-off increasingly sought after to avoid paying soared minimum wage
A worker surnamed Kim(60) who worked for a company in Incheon City which ma...
번역 김성진  |  2018-02-19 13:22
[labor news] GM Korea's Gunsan plant shutdown announcement to allegedly obtain government financial aid and wage concession
GM Korea on Feb. 13 announced its decision to shut down the Gunsan plant by...
번역 김성진  |  2018-02-14 16:00
[labor news] Work ban on weekly holidays to slash work hours under discussion
The government and ruling Democratic Party are mulling over the measures to...
번역 김성진  |  2018-02-13 14:16
[labor news] Government and ruling party mull over 'time off in lieu of holiday work double premium pay'
It is confirmed that the government and ruling party mull over the measures...
번역 김성진  |  2018-02-12 13:44
[labor news] Korail agrees to reinstate all dismissed railway workers
Korea Railroad Corporation(Korail) and Korean Railway Workrs' Union(KRW...
번역 김성진  |  2018-02-09 11:12
[labor news] KEPCO accused of project contract favoritism to retirees
Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO) is accused of contract favoritism a...
번역 김성진  |  2018-02-08 13:24
[labor news] Ruling Democratic Party's Euljiro Committee attends to airport workers' grievances
"I thought the chemical substance provided the company was a good cleaner, ...
번역 김성진  |  2018-02-07 12:48
[labor news] Central government and Seoul metropolitan government work together to protect jobs of apartment security guards
The Central Government and Seoul Metropolitan Government work together to p...
번역 김성진  |  2018-02-06 14:08
[labor news] Surveillance and intermittent work used to enervate the minimum wage hike effect
A building maintenance and security service supplier to the GBSA Start-up C...
번역 김성진  |  2018-02-05 12:57
[labor news] Manufacturing workers rally to halt retrogressive revision of labor standards and minimum wage
Unionized workers of the Manufacturing Workers' Solidarity formed by tr...
번역 김성진  |  2018-02-02 11:45
[labor news] Social dialogue with KCTU participation resumes in 8 years
Representatives from labor, employers and the government return to their se...
번역 김성진  |  2018-02-01 11:42
[labor news] Conservatives denounced by minimum wage workers
With 16.4% hike of the minimum hourly wage for 2018 on year which was the r...
번역 김성진  |  2018-01-31 11:25
[labor news] Outdoor workers dangerously exposed to extreme cold weather conditions
Due to the continuing extreme cold weather conditions this winter, outdoor ...
번역 김성진  |  2018-01-30 13:47
[labor news] Most of victims of fatal workplace accidents are subcontract workers
The number of fatal industrial accidents has remained unabated, despite the...
번역 김성진  |  2018-01-29 11:43
[labor news] Long struggle of dismissed KTX female attendants still goes on for a silver lining
Dismissed KTX(Korea Train Express) female attendants and members of other c...
번역 김성진  |  2018-01-26 11:33
[labor news] TBS to hire freelancers directly, Seoul Metropolitan Government announces
Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon announced on Jan. 24 that Traffic Broadcasting Sy...
번역 김성진  |  2018-01-25 14:38
[labor news] University cleaners and security guards in Seoul stage sits-in against downsizing
With universities in Seoul uncompromising in downsizing to cut the labor co...
번역 김성진  |  2018-01-24 11:26
[labor news] Justice Party proposes to set up an advanced welfare state model dialogue body
Rep. Lee Jeong-mi, chairwoman of the minor opposition Justice Party, called...
번역 김성진  |  2018-01-23 14:00
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