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[labor news] 'Withdrawal of damage lawsuits and government apology' need for healing of the victimized Ssangyong Motor workers
As the labor and the management of Ssangyong Motor had finally reached an a...
번역 김성진  |  2018-09-17 17:12
[labor news] KCTU calls for administrative measures and legislations for trade union rights for all and ratification of core ILO conventions
The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions(KCTU) reignited the move for the r...
번역 김성진  |  2018-09-14 14:15
[labor news] Substandard recess rooms for university and building cleaning service workers, survey reports
"No government officials of the Ministry of Employment and Labor would have...
번역 김성진  |  2018-09-13 13:39
[labor news] Conversion to directly employed regular workers with wage cuts in public sector?
The Korea Workers' Compensation and Welfare Service(KCOMWEL) has decide...
번역 김성진  |  2018-09-12 14:56
[labor news] Disaccord between labor and government in job creation approach in the health and medical sector
A year ago, the tripartite dialogue in the health and medical sector had re...
번역 김성진  |  2018-09-11 13:03
[labor news] First bona-fide labor union is formed in 50 years of 'non-union management ' of POSCO
A bona fide trade union was formed in POSCO, one of two big enterprises alo...
번역 김성진  |  2018-09-10 14:04
[labor news] Lives of dismissed workers' families stand on the cliff edge, survey reveals
A total of 30 dismissed workers(26) and their family members(4) have lost t...
번역 김성진  |  2018-09-07 14:13
[labor news] Newly elected ruling Democratic Party Chairman Lee Hae-chan meets with trade union centers
Rep. Lee Hae-chan, the newly elected chairman of the ruling Democratic Part...
번역 김성진  |  2018-09-06 13:23
[labor news] Subcontractor at construction sites holds the nature of a worker, the Supreme Court rules
The Supreme Court made a ruling that an independent subcontractor commonly ...
번역 김성진  |  2018-09-05 11:51
[labor news] LG Uplus irregular installation workers start to work as full-time employees in direct employment, while disappointing call center workers
September 3 was the day that about 1,800 workers who were previously hired ...
번역 김성진  |  2018-09-04 11:44
[labor news] Bank workers inadequately protected from emotional labor, survey reveals
According to a mobile survey report on 'the work environment of the mem...
번역 김성진  |  2018-09-03 13:40
[labor news] Fatal accidents in shipbuilding industry found fundamentally attributable to multilayer subletting practice
The Labor Today came to know on August 30 that a public participation commi...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-31 11:24
[labor news] Statistics on non-regular workers to be revised in 16 years
It is widely believed that the diversified changes in the forms of employme...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-30 13:28
[labor news] Yusen Logistics Korea is suspected of anti-union policy
Yusen Logistics Korea, a Korean operations office of the Japan-based Yusen ...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-29 11:25
[labor news] Minimum service clause used as tool to block contingent workers' industrial action in power plants
When workers employed by a subcontractor or a partner company which provide...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-28 14:55
[labor news] Ruling and conservative opposition parties agree to move for deregulation law
There have been growing criticisms when the ruling and the two major opposi...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-27 16:49
[labor news] FKTU in policy solidarity with government employees' union federation
The Federation of Korean Trade Unions(FKTU), one of the largest trade union...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-23 13:30
[labor news] Is the worker director scheme gaining momentum in local governments?
The Gyeonggi Provincial Government moves to introduce the worker director s...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-22 13:30
[labor news] 4th government-labor-management chief executives' meeting expected to be held in mid-September
Amid the decision recently made by the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-21 10:11
[labor news] Expansionary fiscal policy to break through the worsening job situation
A meeting of the Blue House, the ruling Democratic Party and the related mi...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-20 13:45
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