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[labor news] FKTU in policy solidarity with government employees' union federation
The Federation of Korean Trade Unions(FKTU), one of the largest trade union...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-23 13:30
[labor news] Is the worker director scheme gaining momentum in local governments?
The Gyeonggi Provincial Government moves to introduce the worker director s...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-22 13:30
[labor news] 4th government-labor-management chief executives' meeting expected to be held in mid-September
Amid the decision recently made by the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-21 10:11
[labor news] Expansionary fiscal policy to break through the worsening job situation
A meeting of the Blue House, the ruling Democratic Party and the related mi...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-20 13:45
[labor news] Irregular railway workers' march for direct employment
reported by Yun Ja-euntranslated by Kim Sung-jin
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-17 13:17
[labor news] LG Uplus service center workers in Korea go on strike
LG Uplus Home Service Center workers who install and repair the internet an...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-17 08:30
[labor news] Minimum wage apartment security workers in need of long-term measures
Despite the rapid increase of the minimum wage this year, there was no mass...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-14 13:08
[labor news] Inter-Korean workers' friendly soccer matches played in Seoul for the implementation of Panmunjom Declaration
reported by Lee Eun-youngtranslated by Kim Sung-jin
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-13 11:14
[labor news] Solution to overtime hours in financial industry can create 29,000 new jobs. union says
The Korean Financial Industry Union(KFIU) which announced a general strike ...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-10 14:41
[labor news] Union busting scenario still at work
It has been unfolded that the union-busting scenarios which had been rampan...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-09 12:34
[labor news] High altitude sit-in protesters are in serious health conditions due to long struggles and heat waves
As unprecedented heat waves continue, the government is busy with unveiling...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-08 12:36
[labor news] McDelivery workers in Korea demand additional 100 won(US$0.09) allowance per delivery in heat waves
Record high temperatures continue, worst ever in the history in Korea. Deli...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-07 15:06
[labor news] Government announces hourly minimum wage of 8,350 won(US$7.43) for 2019
The government confirmed and announced the hourly minimum wage of 8,350 won(US$7.43) for the year 2019 as had been propo...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-06 13:52
[labor news] Local governments move to establish public hospitals in the region
After June 13 local elections this year, successfully elected mayors and go...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-03 14:03
[labor news] Employment and Labor Administration Reform Committee concludes its work with recommendation to long-pending labor issues
The Employment and Labor Administration Reform Committee which is an adviso...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-02 11:02
[labor news] Controversy over setting up subsidiaries for direct employment of irregular contract workers in the public sector
In the meanwhile, the Korea Electric Power Corporation and representatives ...
번역 김성진  |  2018-08-01 12:50
[labor news] Labor and management of Korea Post agree to take measures to protect postal workers in scorching weather
The measures to protect postal workers working outdoor from being exposed e...
번역 김성진  |  2018-07-31 10:59
[labor news] Irregular contract workers call for IBK direct employment, not through subsidiaries
About 70 members of the Korean Facility Maintenance Workers' Union and ...
번역 김성진  |  2018-07-30 11:55
[labor news] Workers' soccer matches between South and North Korean labor unions to be held on August 11 in Seoul
South and North Korea's workers' soccer matches will be held on Aug...
번역 김성진  |  2018-07-27 15:27
[labor news]  64% vs. 32% in irregular workers' employment status conversion rate in the public sector
The government announced a one full-year result of the 'zero irregular ...
번역 김성진  |  2018-07-26 13:18
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